Tuesday, May 29, 2012

moby grape

Moby Grape made a big splash with the delicious psychedelic country rock jams of their eponymous debut. The band had formed in San Francisco with drummer turned guitarist Skip Spence from the Jefferson Airplane, lead guitarist Jerry Miller and drummer Don Stevenson from Seattle band the Frantics, guitarist Peter Lewis from the Cornells, bassist Bob Mosley from San Diego band the Misfits. Manager Matthew Katz encouraged a spirit of conflict that led to each member of the band writing and singing. After a bidding war, the band was signed by Columbia Records. 'Moby Grape' was recorded with producer David Rubinson at CBS studios in Hollywood and the sound is built around concise crosstalk between the trio of guitarists, all of whom play lead at one time or another. In a risky marketing move, Columbia released five singles simultaneously, which saturated the market and ended up sabotaging their potential success. 'Moby Grape' peaked at number twenty-four on the album chart. The music runs the gamut from rock and roll boogie to country twang to soaring melodic balladry; and every song is a classic with melodies and counter-melodies intertwining beautifully. What's big and purple and lives in the ocean? This whale of a record.



"Hey Grandma" was co-written by Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson. It only went to number one hundred and twenty-seven on the singles chart.

"8:05" was co-composed by Miller and Stevenson.

"Omaha" was composed by Skip Spence. It peaked at number eighty-eight. 

"Someday" was co-composed by Miller, Stevenson, and Spence.

"Sitting by the Window" was composed by Lewis.

'Moby Grape'
full album:

Side one
1. "Hey Grandma"   Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson 2:43
2. "Mr. Blues"   Bob Mosley 1:58
3. "Fall on You"   Peter Lewis 1:53
4. "8:05"   Miller, Stevenson 2:17
5. "Come in the Morning"   Mosley 2:20
6. "Omaha"   Skip Spence 2:19
7. "Naked, If I Want To"   Miller 0:55
Side two
1. "Someday"   Miller, Stevenson, Spence 2:41
2. "Ain't No Use"   Miller, Stevenson 1:37
3. "Sitting by the Window"   Lewis 2:44
4. "Changes"   Miller, Stevenson 3:21
5. "Lazy Me"   Mosley 1:45
6. "Indifference"   Spence 4:14

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