Sunday, February 26, 2012

original dixieland jazz band

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band were promoted as a novelty act when they became the first jazz group to make a record. They formed in New Orleans and played at Schiller's Cafe in Chicago before making a splash in New York with their residency at Reisenweber's Restaurant. On February 26, 1917, cornetist Nick LaRocca, trombonist Eddie Edwards, pianist Henry Ragas, clarinetist Larry Shields, and drummer Tony Sbarbaro recorded two songs for Victor Talking Machine Company. They were released on a 78 eight days later. 'Livery Stable Blues' and 'Dixie Jass Band One Step' became the first jazz recordings and sold over a million copies, bringing jazz into the mainstream and inspiring musicians all over the country to start their own bands.

'Livery Stable Blues' is credited to former band associates Ray Lopez and Alcide Nunez.

'Dixie Jass Band One Step' was originally credited to the band; but after a lawsuit over its resemblance to Joe Jordan's 'That Teasin' Rag', Jordan was added as a co-composer.

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