Friday, November 11, 2011

801 live

When this short-lived experimental supergroup released their classic debut, it gave a groundbreaking direct injection to live recording. While Roxy Music was on hiatus, guitarist Phil Manzanera reunited with former bandmates Brian Eno (who had left Roxy Music) and Bill MacCormick (from Quiet Sun); who brought in keyboardist Francis Monkman, slide guitarist Lloyd Watson, and drummer Simon Phillips. The 801 took their name from 'The True Wheel' off of Eno's 'Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)'. After a few weeks of rehearsals, they played three celebrated concerts in Norfolk, at the Reading Festival, and at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. The third show was recorded and released as '801 Live' drawing material from Manzanera's 'Diamond Head', Eno's 'Here Come the Warm Jets', and Quiet Sun's 'Mainstream', as well as covers of songs by the Beatles and the Kinks. The music is alternately spacey, jazzy, and raucous with a frenetic energy that approaches hardcore, with the rhythm section of MacCormick and Phillips providing the killer grooves. It was one of the first live albums to feed all of the instruments into the mixing board directly, rather than putting microphones in front of the amps. '801 Live' was particularly successful in Australia, where it was the best-selling import of 1976.

'TNK (Tomorrow Never Knows)'

'Somber Reptiles'

'Baby's On Fire'

'801 Live'
full album:

1. Lagrima 2:34
2. T.N.K. (Tomorrow never knows) 6:08
3. East of Asteroid 4:56
4. Rongwrong 5:04
5. Sombre Reptiles 2:52
6. Golden Hours (Bonustrack Expression-Reissue) 4:34
7. Fat Lady of Limbourg (Bonustrack Expression-Reissue) 5:54
8. Baby´s on Fire 4:59
9. Diamond Head 6:17
10. Miss Shapiro 4:18
11. You really got me 3:21
12. Third Uncle 5:09

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