Saturday, September 25, 2010


john henry bonham
(31 may 1948 – 25 september 1980)

considered the greatest drummer in rock history, he was the heavy metal thunder that inflated the lead balloon and defined their sound. he taught himself to play from the age of five, and was influenced by big band jazz players. this crushing drummer could be very friendly when he was sober; but had a reputation as a violent drunk. while a tremendous performer onstage, he suffered from panic attacks before shows. the anxiety of separation from his family while on tour led him to drink to excess. after a binge of more than forty shots of vodka that he was found dead thirty years ago today.

what may be his last interview:

ten delightful minutes from the song remains the same:

"it's not what you are; it's what you're playing."

"when he died, the band evaporated."

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