Monday, December 28, 2015

idle moments

Grant Green let things wander into the smooth and soulful serenity of this laid back lounge daydream. He had first played guitar professionally at the age of twelve in his native St. Louis; and by the time he was thirty, he had appeared on dozen of albums with various jazz heavyweights and recorded seven albums (along with material that would make seven more)  as a bandleader (Grant's First Stand  and  Green Street  in 1961,   Sunday Mornin'   and   Grantstand  in 1962,   The Latin Bit  and  Feelin' the Spirit  in 1963,  and  Am I Blue  in 1964)  by the time he went back into the studio with sax man Joe Henderson in November of 1963 at Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.   

Idle Moments features  Joe Henderson on tenor saxophone,   Bobby Hutcherson on vibraphone,  Grant Green on guitar,  Duke Pearson on piano,  Bob Cranshaw on bass,  and  Al Harewood on drums.  It was recorded during two sessions with producer Alfred Lion and engineer Rudy Van Gelder.  During the first session, the recording of the title track was intended to be shorter to fit the time they had left that would fit on an album; but Green got lost in the song and played his solo for sixty four bars instead of the planned thirty two.   Henderson and Hutcherson did the same and the song went twice as long.  They rerecorded it; but found it couldn't match the feeling that they had captured on that first take.  

Idle Moments
full album:

"Idle Moments" (Pearson) – 14:56
"Jean De Fleur" (Green) – 6:49
"Django" (John Lewis) – 8:44
"Nomad" (Pearson) – 12:16

1. Idle Moments 00:00
2. Jean De Fleur 15:00
3. Jean De Fleur (Alternate Version) 21:50
4. Django 30:01
5. Django (Alternate Version) 38:47
6. Nomad 52:01

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