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elvis is back!

Elvis Presley returned from the army with a fever that produced this bluesy pop thrill.   During his two years with the 3rd Armored Division in Friedberg, Germany; RCA staggered the release of material he had recorded already.  As his enlistment was coming to a close, Presley began playing around with new sounds in preparation for his return to the studio.  He was released on March 2, 1960; and the first sessions took place on March 20 into 21 and on April 3 into 4.  He recorded with his original band The Blue Moon Boys, although bassist Bill Black decided to stick with The Bill Black Combo.  

The studio B control room at RCA studio in Nashville, Tennesee had a state of the art 3-track recorder and was crowded with RCA Executives Steve Sholes and Bill Bullock, as well as Colonel Tom Parker, his assistant Tom Diskin, A&R head Chet Atkins,  Freddy Bienstock from the publishing company Hill and Range, and engineer Bill Porter.  'Elvis Is Back!' features Elvis Presley on vocals and acoustic guitar;   with Scotty Moore on electric guitar;  Hank Garland on electric guitar and electric bass;  Floyd Cramer on piano;  Bob Moore on double bass;  D. J. Fontana and  Buddy Harman on drums;  with The Jordanaires on backing vocals and Boots Randolph on saxophone.   Charlie Hodge also sang backing vocals on "I Will Be Home Again".   'Elvis Is Back!' went to number two in the US and number one in the UK.  It was his first album released in stereo.

"Stuck on You"


"The Girl of My Best Friend"

"Dirty, Dirty Feeling" from the film 'Tickle Me'

"Such a Night"

"It Feels So Right"

"Fame and Fortune"

'Elvis Is Back!' 

full album:  

Elvis Presley: Elvis Is Back! (the 1960... by georgesmithfecc

Side one

1. "Make Me Know It"   Otis Blackwell March 20, 1960 1:58
2. "Fever"   John Davenport and Eddie Cooley April 3, 1960 3:31
3. "The Girl of My Best Friend"   Beverly Ross and Sam Bobrick April 4, 1960 2:21
4. "I Will Be Home Again"   Bennie Benjamin, Raymond Leveen, Lou Singer April 4, 1960 2:33
5. "Dirty, Dirty Feeling"   Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller April 4, 1960 1:35
6. "Thrill of Your Love"   Stan Kesler April 4, 1960 2:59
Side two
1. "Soldier Boy"   David Jones and Theodore Williams Jr. March 20, 1960 3:04
2. "Such a Night"   Lincoln Chase April 4, 1960 2:58
3. "It Feels So Right"   Fred Wise and Ben Weisman March 21, 1960 2:09
4. "Girl Next Door Went A-Walking"   Bill Rice and Thomas Wayne April 4, 1960 2:12
5. "Like a Baby"   Jesse Stone April 3, 1960 2:38
6. "Reconsider Baby"   Lowell Fulson April 4, 1960 3:39

bonus tracks

1. "Stuck on You" (originally issued as 47-7740, March 23, 1960, #1) Aaron Schroeder and S. Leslie McFarland March 21, 1960 2:18
2. "Fame and Fortune" (originally issued as 47-7740b, March 23, 1960, #17) Fred Wise and Ben Weisman March 21, 1960 2:29
15. "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" (originally issued as 47-7810, November 1, 1960, #1) Lou Handman and Roy Turk April 4, 1960 3:05
16. "I Gotta Know" (originally issued as 47-7810b, November 1, 1960, #20) Paul Evans and Matt Williams April 4, 1960 2:15
17. "A Mess of Blues" (originally issued as 47-7777b, July 5, 1960, #32) Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman March 21, 1960 2:39
18. "It's Now or Never" (originally issued as 47-7777, July 5, 1960, #1) Eduardo di Capua, Aaron Schroeder, Wally Gold April 3, 1960 3:14

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