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around the world in a day

Prince and The Revolution took a diversionary musical journey through second hand styles to produce the funky pop thrill of this spiritual psychedelic temptation.  With the massive success of 'Purple Rain', Prince had grown leery of fame and the expectations of the music industry.    At the same time, Warner Brothers Records had set him up with his own label Paisley Park Records and he wasted no time recording a new album in an eclectic new style.  

'Around the World in a Day' was produced, arranged and engineered by Prince;   with  several engineers:   David Leonard (Paisley Park and Capitol Records),  Peggy McCreary (as "Peggy Mac", Paisley Park and Sunset Sound),  David Tickle (Mobile Audio), and Susan Rogers (Paisley Park).   Mastering was done by Bernie Grundman and the cover painting was done by Doug Henders.     The sessions at Studio Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse at Eden Prairie, Minnesota;   Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California, and Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, California were augmented with a Mobile Audio Studio outside St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, Minnesota and Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse, Eden Prairie, Minnesota  and  featured  Prince on all vocals and instruments, except for:      David Coleman on cello, oud, finger cymbals, darbuka and background vocals on "Around The World In A Day", cello on "Raspberry Beret" and "The Ladder (interlude)";    Jonathan Melvoin on tamborine and background vocals on "Around The World In A Day", "Pop Life";   Wendy Melvoin on background vocals on "Around The World In A Day", "Paisley Park", "Raspberry Beret", guitars and background vocals on "America", "Pop Life", "The Ladder";   Lisa Coleman on background vocals on "Around The World In A Day", "Paisley Park", "Raspberry Beret", keyboards and background vocals on "America", "Pop Life", "The Ladder";   Susannah Melvoin on background vocals on "Around The World In A Day", "Raspberry Beret", and "The Ladder";   Novi Novog on violin on "Paisley Park" and "Raspberry Beret";    Bobby Z. on drums and percussion on "America", "Pop Life", and "The Ladder";  Brown Mark on bass guitar and background vocals on "America", "Pop Life", and "The Ladder";  Dr. Fink on keyboards on "America", "Pop Life", and "The Ladder";  Brad Marsh on tamborine on "America";     Sheila E. on drums on "Pop Life";    Eddie M. on saxophone on "The Ladder" and "Temptation";   Suzie Katayama on cello on "Raspberry Beret" and "The Ladder (interlude)";   Sid Page and  Marcy Dicterow-Vaj (as "Vaj") on violin on "The Ladder (interlude)";    Denyse Buffum and Laury Woods on viola on "The Ladder (interlude)";   Tim Barr and  Annette Atkinson on stand-up bass on "The Ladder (interlude)";   and   Taja Sevelle  (as "Taj") on background vocals on "The Ladder (interlude)".  

Prince would express at the time:  "I've heard some people say that I'm not talking about anything on this record. And what a lot of other people get wrong about the record is that I'm not trying to be this great visionary wizard. Paisley Park is in everybody's heart. It's not just something that I have the keys to. I was trying to say something about looking inside oneself to find perfection. Perfection is in everyone. Nobody's perfect, but they can be. We may never reach that, but it's better to strive than not...I think when one discovers himself, he discovers God. Or maybe it's the other way around. I'm not sure...It's hard to put into words. It's a feeling -- someone knows when they get it. That's all I can really say...What they say is that the Beatles are the influence [on 'Around the World in a Day']. The influence wasn't the Beatles. They were great for what they did, but I don't know how that would hang today. The cover art came about because I thought people were tired of looking at me. Who wants another picture of him? I would only want so many pictures of my woman, then I would want the real thing. What would be a little more happening than just another picture [laughs] would be if there was some way I could materialize in people's cribs when they play the record...I don't mind [people calling the record "psychedelic"], because that was the only period in recent history that delivered songs and colors."

'Around the World in a Day' reached number sixteen in Canada and New Zealand; twelve in Australia;  ten in Germany and Norway;  eight in Switzerland; seven in Austria; five in the UK;  and number one in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the US.   No singles were released previously as an artistic statement. 

"Raspberry Beret"   peaked at number two in New Zealand and the US.

"Pop Life" was a top ten hit on three different US charts.  

[3] pRiNcE -"Pop Life Life" - "Can Be So Nice' by mke-coleman

'Around the World in a Day' 
full album:

Around The World In A Day from PRINCE on Myspace.

All songs written and composed by Prince except where indicated.

Side one
1. "Around the World in a Day"   Prince, John L. Nelson, David Coleman 3:28
2. "Paisley Park"     4:42
3. "Condition of the Heart"     6:48
4. "Raspberry Beret"     3:33
5. "Tamborine"     2:47
Side two
6. "America"   Prince and The Revolution 3:42
7. "Pop Life"     3:43
8. "The Ladder"   Prince, John L. Nelson 5:29
9. "Temptation"     8:18

b sides

"She's Always in my Hair"
b side for "Raspberry Beret" and "Paisley Park" singles

b side for "Pop Life"

b side for "America"

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