Monday, March 11, 2013

another music in a different kitchen

The Buzzcocks expanded their punk rock sound for the humorous melodic aggression of their full length debut.  After their seminal self-released EP 'Spiral Scratch'lead singer Howard Devoto left to form Magazine.  The band signed to United Artists and recorded the single 'Orgasm Addict' with bassist Garth Smith before replacing him with Steve Garvey.  The recording of 'Another Music in a Different Kitchen' at Olympic Studios in London with producer Martin Rushent.   The sessions featured Pete Shelley on vocals and guitar; Steve Diggle on guitar and vocals; Steve Garvey on bass guitar; and John Maher on drums and vocals.  'Another Music in a Different Kitchen' went to number fifteen on the UK charts.  Shelly says:   "I think there's a lingering misconception that we were just a singles outfit, but if you listen to the albums, they contain lots of things beyond three minute love songs. As well as people like The Beatles, Bolan and Bowie, I always enjoyed more challenging stuff like Can or Yoko Ono."

"Fast Cars" 

"No Reply"

"You Tear Me Up"

"Get on Our Own" 

"Love Battery" 


"I Don't Mind"


'Another Music in a Different Kitchen'
full album:

All songs by Pete Shelley, except where noted.

Side A
"Fast Cars" (Howard Devoto, Steve Diggle, Pete Shelley) – 2:26
"No Reply" – 2:16
"You Tear Me Up" (Devoto, Shelley) – 2:27
"Get on Our Own" – 2:26
"Love Battery" (Devoto, Shelley) – 2:09
"Sixteen" – 3:38
Side B
"I Don't Mind"  – 2:18
"Fiction Romance"  – 4:27
"Autonomy" (Diggle) – 3:43
"I Need" (Diggle, Shelley) – 2:43
"Moving Away from the Pulsebeat" – 7:06
bonus tracks
"Orgasm Addict" (Devoto, Shelley) – 2:01
"Whatever Ever Happened To?" (Shelley, Dial) – 2:14
"What Do I Get?" – 2:50
"Oh Shit" – 1:32

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