Wednesday, April 13, 2011

of skins and heart

The Church released the jingle jangle edgy pop of their debut album and caught us in an unguarded moment. It was co-produced by Chris Gilbey and Bob Clearmountain and all of the songs were written (or co-written) by bassist and lead singer Steve Kilby. Guitarist Peter Koppes used an Echolette tape delay and Marty Willson-Piper played a twelve string Rickenbacker guitar which evoked a ringing sixties sound. Founding drummer Nick Ward is also credited with "the thing".  'Of Skins And Heart' peaked at number seven on the New Zealand chart.

The lost classic 'The Unguarded Moment' became their first hit and is tied with 'Metropolis' for their highest charting single. It reached number nineteen in New Zealand. Steve Kilby co-wrote the song with Mikela Uniacke.

"So hard finding inspiration
I knew you'd find me crying"

'She Never Said' was their first single; but it never charted. It was not included in the original American release.

"I clutched at someone in the dark again
It's so hard to remember her name"

'For A Moment We're Strangers'

"In the empty place the soul stripped bare
Of skins and heart and i come apart
In your icy hands"

Recorded on a four-track reel-to-reel tape deck in Kilby's bedroom studio, 'Chrome Injury' was the demo that got them a record contract with EMI/Parlaphone.

"Don't forget me, don't regret me
Don't replace and don't upset me
But don't forget to come and get me some day
If only I could feel
If I only wasn't steel"

'Too Fast For You' was the title track of an EP released that same year. It was included on the American release along with 'Sisters' and 'Tear It All Away'. These were the first tracks recorded with new drummer Richard Ploog.

"Don't believe it when they say it's over
It's not over"


"She makes a wish she takes a risk
She opens up her door
Through human eyes she's a dolphin in disguise
It's the last night of the war"

'Is This Where You Live'

"The more I look the less I smile
Never mind let's stay awhile
The fans blow secrets on the night
Out of mind but not out of sight"

'Of Skins And Heart'
full album:

"For a Moment We're Strangers" (Kilbey) – 3:57
"Chrome Injury" (Kilbey) – 4:01
"The Unguarded Moment" (Kilbey, Michele Parker) – 4:12
"Memories in Future Tense" (Kilbey) – 4:46
"Bel-Air" (Kilbey) – 3:57
"Is This Where You Live" (Kilbey) – 7:40
"She Never Said" (Kilbey) – 3:16
"Fighter Pilot...Korean War" (Kilbey) – 4:29
"Don't Open the Door to Strangers" (Kilbey, Willson-Piper) – 3:32

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