Friday, March 4, 2016

young life

Warren Austin makes the rain and keeps rolling with the times with this mangy miracle.  The Birmingham artist and musician spent a decade recording demos of dozens of songs from which he culled the fourteen tracks that comprise his debut album.  Austin composed, arranged, performed, and produced all of the songs for 'Young Life'.  

The styles range from the gothic grunge thunder of "You Make the Rain" to the wistful folk ramblings of "Spit in the Ocean" to the to the rockabilly grooves of "Think About You" to the goodtimey singalong of "Rollin' With the Times" to the artsy atmospheric angst of "Don't Throw Your Young Life Away".  He pokes a bit of fun ("keep walkin'") at Johnny Depp and pays tribute ("you're in my heart, whatever") to the departed Leonard Nimoy; but, perhaps the most powerful song is the 'Grand Theft Auto' inspired "I Wanna Shoot Someone, Daddy".  In the song, he takes the perspective of a child that has acquired a taste for violence from playing the video game and is ready ("I wanna know what it feels like to hold a real gun in my hand") to take it to the next level.  

'Young Life' is the first of several releases that are in the works for this prolific artist, who seems to ooze music.  Gather some up for yourself and fill up your big belly.

Don't Throw Your Young Life Away

Spit in the Ocean

You Make the Rain

'Young Life'

1.  you make the rain
2.  where the ghosts all plug in 
3.  don't throw your young life away
4.  mangy dog
5.  put me back to sleep
6.  keep rollin' with the times
7.  spit in the ocean
8.  think about you
9.  johnny depp keeps walkin'
10. in a long line
11. mister leonard nimoy
12. i wanna shoot someone, daddy 
13. i can't follow where you go
14. amy's eyes

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