Thursday, September 10, 2015

another green world

Brian Eno went surging down the wires watching words float in sequence like softened silhouettes of delphic doldrums in an eternity of uncertainty.   After putting out two acclaimed albums in 1974 (Here Come the Warm Jets   and  Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)), he decided that he would take a purely experimental approach on his next project, working with his Oblique Strategies cards to stimulate new ideas.  Eno  co-produced the sessions with engineer Rhett Davies during July and August of 1975 at Island Studios in London.  Eno reveals:   "I fed in enough information to get something to happen and the chemical equation of the interaction between the various styles of the musicians involved - who were intelligent enough not to retreat from a situation which was musically strange - took us somewhere that we would have been unable to design...Twenty-four track technology encourages you to keep adding things.  But there comes a point where adding simply obscures what's already there, and toward the end of that album I listened to the tracks to see what I could take away.  The more you supply, the less you demand of a listener...The idea of of making music that in some way related to a sense of place - landscape or environment -  had occurred to me many times over the last twelve years. My conscious exploration of this way of thinking about music probably began with 'Another Green World' in 1975.  Since then I have become interested in exaggerating and inventing rather than replicating spaces, and experimenting with various techniques of time distortion."  

The sessions for 'Another Green World' included Phil Collins on drums and percussion;   Percy Jones on fretless bass;   Paul Rudolph on anchor bass, bass, snare drums, bass guitar, assistant castanet guitars, and guitar;   Rod Melvin on rhodes piano and lead piano;   John Cale on viola;   Robert Fripp on wimshurst guitar, restrained lead guitar;   Brian Turrington on bass guitar and pianos;   and  Brian Eno on snake guitar, digital guitar, vocals, synthesizer, guitars, tapes, organ, piano, yamaha bass pedals, synthetic percussion, desert guitars, electric percussion, treated rhythm generator, chord piano, farfisa organ, Hammond organ, Peruvian percussion, electric elements and unnatural sounds, prepared piano, choppy organs, spasmodic percussion, club guitars, uncertain piano, Leslie piano, grand piano,  tape, and bass guitar.   'Another Green World'  only charted in New Zealand at number twenty-four; but it became a major influence on ambient music.

"Sky Saw"

All the clouds turn to words 
All the words float in sequence 
No one knows what they mean
Everyone just ignores them

Mau Mau starter ching ching da da 
Daughter daughter dumpling data 
Pack and pick the ping-pong starter 
Carter Carter go get Carter 
Open stick and delphic doldrums 

Open click and quantum data.

"Another Green World"

"Golden Hours"

The passage of time is flicking dimly upon the screen; 
I can't see the lines I used to think I could read between. 
Perhaps my brains have turned to sand. 

Oh me oh my, I think it's been an eternity. 
You'd be surprised at my degree of uncertainty. 
How can moments go so slow?

Several times I've seen the evening slide away. 
Watching the signs taking over from the fading day. 
Perhaps my brains are old and scrambled ...

Several times I've seen the evening slide away. 
Watching the signs taking over from the fading day. 
Changing water into wine...

Several times I've seen the evening slide away. 
Watching the signs taking over from the fading day. 
Putting grapes back on the vine...

Who could believe what a poor set of eyes can show you? 
Who would believe what an innocent voice could do? 
Never a silence, always a face at the door

Who would believe what a poor set of ears can tell you? 
Who would believe what a weak pair of hands can do? 
Never a silence, always a foot in the door.


 'Another Green World' 
full album:

All songs written by Brian Eno.

side A
00:00  "Sky Saw"  – 3:25
03:27  "Over Fire Island"  – 1:49
05:18  "St. Elmo's Fire"  – 3:02
08:22  "In Dark Trees"  – 2:29
10:52  "The Big Ship"  – 3:01
13:55  "I'll Come Running"  – 3:48
17:46  "Another Green World"  – 1:38
side B
19:23  "Sombre Reptiles"  – 2:26
21:49  "Little Fishes"  – 1:30
23:20  "Golden Hours"  – 4:01
27:21  "Becalmed"  – 3:56
31:17  "Zawinul/Lava"  – 3:00
34:18  "Everything Merges with the Night"  – 3:59
38:18  "Spirits Drifting"  – 2:36

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