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soul discharge

The Boredoms ravaged and reconstituted rock with the nihilistic noise of this bubblegum shot of acid punk.  After years of revolving lineups with the Boredoms, performance artist and multi-instrumentalist Tetsurō Yamatsuka (Yamatsuka Eye AKA Yamantaka Eye AKA Yamataka Eye AKA eYe) was invited to sing with John Zorn's thrash jazz ensemble Naked City.  

By this time, the Boredoms were Yamantaka Eye on lead vocals, noise, sampler, and sevena;   Yoshimi P-We on drums, percussion, vocals, djembe, keyboards, and trumpet;   Yojiro Tatekawa on drums and percussion;  and Shinji Masuko on guitars and noise;  with God Mama on pistol and produce; and other revolving members Yoshikawa Toyohito, Yamamoto Seiichi, Yoshimi Yokota, Hasegawa Chu, and Kazuya Nishimura, (Atari) involved on some level.   'Soul Discharge' takes the onslaught of their debut album 'Osorezan no Stooges Kyo' (re-issued as 'Onanie Bomb Meets the Sex Pistols') to the outer limits of spasmatic endurance.  

Yoshimi reveals:   "It started out with Eye on drums, Yamamoto on guitar, and Hira on bass with a female vocalist in a band. When that band broke up then the remaining members became the Boredoms." 

Eye expounds:  "We've gone through some changes. We started out with Tabata, who is now with Zeni Geva, on guitar. When Tabata quit, then Yamamoto came in to take his place. Yoshimi (the drummer) was not a member from the start. The vocalist Yoshikawa was the drummer initially...He now plays a synthesizer box along with vocals ... I grew up in the town of Kokura in Kyushu Prefecture, which is famous for their traditional taiko drum performances during festivals. I played taiko drums when I was a kid too. I think I’m also influenced by gagaku (ancient Japanese court music), such as the Shinto flute melodies that you hear at noh performances and shrines, without knowing it. The Japanese taiko drums are adorned with studs around the edges, almost like the studs that punks wear as a fashion statement. I love scraping them with my drumstick. Japanese taiko drums have a sense of anarchy to them ... It's hard to delineate clearly between improvisation and composition, but we are playing songs, so it is not completely improvised. But there are parts that are improvised to a certain extent. I actually prefer it when there is too much drumming...Drums are very important in all cultures. I think that drums are the root of everything. The human skin is similar to the a drum head. In everyday life, our bones are hitting our skin, as if we were playing drums...The jungle that is closest to us is our own body. I am interested in awakening the wilderness within us, using technology...I used to feel that my "roots" were like a second home. In recording sessions, we would construct songs from ideas that we came up with accidentally on the spot. So it used to be a rough, primitive process that focused on the sense of pleasure we got through recording, and there was a strong element of us just playing around...When the Boredoms perform, we get in a circle and face each other. We call this circulation intersystem. It's not like watching television, which is more confrontational. In this configuration, the energy of the performers and audience circulates smoothly and proliferate, so the the experiences and relationships are shared, and naturally the audience can participate. When we are surrounded by the audience it is easier to play, and it creates circulation energy...Like a vinyl record, it is important that there is a space in the middle with nothing in it."

"Bubblebop Shot" 

"52 Boredom (Club Mix)"  + "Sun, Gun, Run"


"Z & U & T & A"

Live at Okayama Pepperland June 11. 1988

'Soul Discharge'
full album:

P-WE YY--Veeto, Voc; HILA Y--Buzz Fuzz Mix; EYE Y--Aaaahg; HUMAN RICH VOX Y--H-R-Vocks, Pec Machine, Synth; NO,1 Y [YAMA-MOTOR]--G-Machine, Wood Pecker; GOD MAMA--Pistol & Produce

Side 8
1. "Bubblebop Shot"   3:47
2. "52 Boredom (Club Mix)"   0:36
3. "Sun, Gun, Run"   2:47
4. "Z & U & T & A"   4:05
5. "TV Scorpion"   1:30
Side 96
1. "Pow Wow Now"   3:48
2. "JB Dick + Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell"   3:07
3. "G.I.L. 77'"   3:41
4. "Jup-Na-Keeeeeel"   2:29
5. "Catastro Mix 99'"   2:53

'Soul Discharge 99'

01 - Your Name Is Limitless 00:00
02 - Bubblebop Shot 04:08
03 - 52 Boredom (Club Mix) 09:09
04 - Sun, Gun, Run 10:00
05 - Z & U & T & A 14:15
06 - TV Scorpion 20:33
07 - Pow Wow Now 22:59
08 - J.B Dick + TinTurner Pussy 28:56
09 - G.I.L '77 33:46
10 - Jup-Na-Keeeeeel 38:56
11 - Catastro Mix '99 42:44
12 - Milky Way 46:39
13 - Songs Without Electric 48:30
14 - Hamaiian Disco Bollocks 49:46
15 - Hamaiian Disco Without Bollocks 56:29

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