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jazz impressions of "a boy named charlie brown"

Vince Guaraldi found his most enduring success with the music he initially composed for a documentary about Charles Shultz.  After playing in bands with Cal Tjader and Stan Getz, Guaraldi had an unexpected hit with the b-side "Cast Your Fate To The Wind"from the single "Samba de Orpheus" off of the album 'Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus', earning himself a Grammy Award for Best Original Jazz Composition.  

It was this song that producer Lee Mendleson heard in a taxi cab that prompted him to contact Guaraldi to compose music for a documentary about Charles Shultz, the creator of the 'Peanuts' comic strip.  The documentary aired once and was shelved; but the music would be released in 1964 as 'Jazz Impressions of A Boy Named Charlie Brown' on the Fantasy Jazz label featuring music by the Vince Guaraldi Trio of Vince Guaraldi on piano, Monty Budwig on bass, and Colin Bailey on drums.  Some of the music would be utilized in the 'Peanuts' animated television specials starting with 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.  In 1969, a full length feature film, 'A Boy Named Charlie Brown' was released as well, with its own soundtrack.

"Linus and Lucy" was the first song Guaraldi composed for Mendleson's project.  It has become his most famous song.

"Charlie Brown Theme"

'Jazz Impressions of A Boy Named Charlie Brown'
full album:

Oh, Good Grief 2:21
Pebble Beach 2:47
Happiness Is 3:37
Schroeder 1:51
Charlie Brown Theme 4:20
Linus and Lucy 3:03
Blue Charlie Brown 7:26
Baseball Theme 3:13
Freda (With the Naturally Curly Hair) 4:31

Fly Me to the Moon 8:56

'A Boy Named Charlie Brown'
full movie 1969

soundtrack to 1969 feature film
part one

part two

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