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second winter

Johnny Winter went slippin' and slidin' into the blues with the grit and gravel of this three sided sensation.   Winter had enjoyed a whirlwind of success during 1969, with his major label debut album 'First Winter', the re-release of his album 'The Progressive Blues Experiment', and an appearance at the Woodstock Arts & Music Festival.  

In the midst of this glut of material, Winter produced his next album in Nashville.   'Second Winter' features Johnny Winter on guitar, mandolin, and vocals;  his younger brother Edgar Winter on keyboards, alto saxophone, and vocals;  Uncle John Turner on drums and percussion;  and Tommy Shannon and Dennis Collins on bass.    Winter had intended to edit the material down to a single album; but it was so good he decided to expand it to include three sides on a double album with the fourth side left blank.  

The fact that both Johnny and Edgar were albinos, made for some resistance to their music.  Johnny would consider:  “Most people in Texas didn’t like black people because they were too dark, and they didn’t like me because I was too white.  That helped me relate to the black experience ...  I was in the kitchen at my grandparents’ house when I first heard blues music. I was about thirteen years old. They had a black maid and a black guy that worked in the yard and they listened to this black radio station K-JET. So that’s the first time I heard it and I knew right away that this was really great music. It had so much feeling and so much emotion. It got into my soul and I said I have to learn how to play this.   I’d just started playing guitar.  I played ukulele before that—I’d been playing that since I was nine-years-old. But I loved blues music so much and that’s the kind of music I wanted to play so I knew I had to learn how to do it."

"Memory Pain"

"Johnny B. Goode"

"Highway 61 Revisited"

"Tell The Truth"

 'Second Winter' 
full album:

Side one
1. "Memory Pain"   Percy Mayfield 5:34
2. "I'm Not Sure"   Johnny Winter  5:23
3. "The Good Love"   Dennis Collins  4:43
Side two
1. "Slippin' and Slidin'"   Eddie Bocage, Albert Collins, Little Richard, James Smith 2:47
2. "Miss Ann"   Enotris Johnson, Little Richard 3:42
3. "Johnny B. Goode"   Chuck Berry 2:49
4. "Highway 61 Revisited"   Bob Dylan 5:07
Side three
1. "I Love Everybody"   Johnny Winter  3:44
2. "Hustled Down in Texas"   Johnny Winter  3:32
3. "I Hate Everybody"   Johnny Winter  2:33
4. "Fast Life Rider"   Johnny Winter  7:00

5. "Early In the Morning (Legacy Bonus Track)"   Johnny Winter 3:49
6. "Tell the Truth (Legacy Bonus Track)"   Johnny Winter 4:30

Legacy Edition Bonus Disc Live at Royal Albert Hall 04-17-70

1. "Help Me"   4:49
2. "Johnny B. Goode"   3:41
3. "Mama Talk To Your Daughter"   5:16
4. "It's My Fault"   12:00
5. "Black Cat Bone"   5:38
6. "Mean Town Blues"   11:13
7. "Tobacco Road"   11:05
8. "Frankenstein"   9:11
9. "Tell the Truth"   9:08

Woodstock 1969

Live Copenhagen 1970 Full Show

Live From Montreux Jazz Festival 1970

- Johnny B. Goode 00:00
- Mean Mistreater 03:48
- Black Cat Bone 14:55
- Help Me 20:32
- Talk To Your Daughter 24:58
- Mean Town Blues 29:42

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