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couldn't stand the weather

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble got ready for the storm with the blistering blues of this scuttle buttin' swang.   Expanding on the sound of their debut 'Texas Flood', 'Couldn't Stand the Weather' was produced by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble with Richard Mullen and Jim Capfer.  Executive producer John H. Hammond oversaw the sessions  at the Power Station featured the Double Trouble trio of Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar and vocals;   Tommy Shannon on bass;   and Chris Layton on drums;   with  Jimmie Vaughan playing rhythm guitar on "Couldn't Stand the Weather" and "The Things That I Used to Do", Fran Christina siting in on drums for "Stang's Swang",  and Stan Harrison adding tenor saxophone on "Stang's Swang".  The recording was engineered by Richard Mullen with assistant engineer Rob Eaton.   'Couldn't Stand the Weather' thirty-one on the Billboard 200 album chart and has been certified double platinum.  

Vaughan would describe his process and consider the comparisons with Hendrix:    "I just play...I loved Jimi a lot. He was so much more than just a blues guitarist. He could do anything. I was about sixteen when he died. I could do some of his stuff by then but actually I’ve been trying to find out what he was doing more so lately than I was then. Now I'm really learning how to do it and I'm trying to expand on it ... not that I can expand on it a whole bunch. But I try...I took music theory for one year in high school and flunked all but one six-week period.  That's because I couldn't read music and the rest of the class was already eight or nine years into it. The teacher would sit down and hit a ten-fingered chord on the piano and you had to write all the notes down in about ten seconds. I just couldn't do it. It was more like math to me...A lot of the songs I write now...I don’t even know what key they're in. I have to ask somebody to find out. I can play it, I just can't name it. Jazz changes and all. But I don't know the names of what it is I’m doing...Now I can just lay down tracks and play it back to the guys so they can hear just how I'd like it to sound. I did one the other day with two guitar tracks and a drum track. I played some drums before picking up the guitar and I still like to mess around with them. So now I can use this Fostex [four track] and get down pretty much what I want, then let the guys take it from there."

"Couldn't Stand the Weather"

Comin' through this business of life
There's rarely time if I'm needed to
Ain't so funny when things ain't feelin' right
Then daddy's hand helps to see me through
Sweet as sugar love won't wash away
Rain or shine, it always here to stay
All these years you and I've spent together
All this, we just couldn't stand the weather
Like a train that stops at every station
We all deal with trials and tribulations
Fear hangs the fellow that ties up his years
Entangled in yellow and cries all his tears
Changes come before we can go
Learn to see them before we're too old
Don't just take me for tryin' to be heavy
Understand, it's time to get ready for the storm

"Cold Shot"

'Couldn't Stand the Weather'
full album:

All songs were written by Stevie Ray Vaughan except where noted.

"Scuttle Buttin'" – 1:52
"Couldn't Stand the Weather" – 4:40
"The Things That I Used to Do" (Eddie Jones) – 4:55
"Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" (Jimi Hendrix) – 8:01
"Cold Shot" (Michael Kindred / W. C. Clark) – 4:01
"Tin Pan Alley" (Robert Geddins/ James Reed) – 9:11
"Honey Bee" – 2:42
"Stang's Swang" – 2:46

live at Open Air Festival Loreley, Germany 
25 August 1984

Scuttle Buttin  /  Testify  /  Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)  /  The Things (That) I used to do  /  Love Struck Baby  /  Couldn't Stand the Weather  /  Tin Pin Alley  /  Pride and Joy  /  Texas Flood  /  Lenny  /  Third Stone from the Sun

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