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all over the place

The Bangles emerged from the paisley underground and were exposed to the light of day with the shimmering harmonies and psychedelic garage sound of this vibrant janglepop gem.  The group had started in Los Angeles as a trio with Susanna Hoffs and sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson.  Hoffs had answered an ad for a guitarist.  Vicki remembers:   "Debbi and I were in a band back in high school and that year, our bass player went off to London to attend school and our lead guitar player just wasn't working out. So, it was basically just Debbi and me and through a crazy series of communications, I ended up "meeting" Susanna over the phone...I still remember the first time we went over to Susanna's house. We sat down in her parents' garage and played together, and I realized immediately how well Susanna's voice blended with Debbi and me. Susanna has such a beautiful tone, and she also played rhythm guitar. It was just the perfect fit ...Within two hours we were a band."   

Debbi adds:   “The chemistry was there instantaneously. It just clicked."

First they were The Colours, then  The Supersonic Bangs, which was shortened to The Bangs.  They formed their own independent label DownKiddie Records and released a single "Getting Out Of Hand" b/w "Call on Me".  The single caught the attention of Miles Copeland who signed them to his Faulty Products label.  Joined by Annette Zilinskas, they recorded a self titled EP, for which they were convinced to change their name to the Bangles over a legal claim to The Bangs.  When Faulty Records went under, I.R.S. Records picked up distribution for the EP.  At the same time,  Zilinskas left the band to form Blood on the Saddle and was replaced by Michael Steele.  

They recorded 'All Over the Place' for Columbia Records with producer David Kahne.  The sessions featured Susanna Hoffs on rhythm guitar and vocals,  Vicki Peterson on lead guitar and vocals,  Debbi Peterson on drums and vocals,  and  Michael Steele on bass guitar.  Susanna says:   "Growing up loving the same music has always been the glue for the Bangles ... When we were innocent about touring and everything, it was just so freaking exciting. I wrote home, like Day 2: Utah! It was supercool road-trip time. It was really Beyond the Valley of the Dolls...Our ambition was world domination."

That would have to wait.     'All Over the Place' only peaked at eighty-six in the UK and eighty in the US; but it was enough to land the band opening slots touring with Cyndi Lauper and Huey Lewis and the News; which gave them a lot of exposure.!/album/All+Over+The+Place/147431

 "Going Down to Liverpool" (cover of Katrina and the Waves, 1983)     Kimberley Rew     3:41
made it to seventy-nine in the UK.

"Hero Takes a Fall"       Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson     2:54
went to ninety-six in the UK

  "James"       Peterson     2:36

     "All About You"       Peterson     2:26

  "Tell Me"       Hoffs, Peterson     2:15

"Restless"       Hoffs, Peterson     2:41

 "He's Got a Secret"       Peterson     2:42

'All Over the Place' 
full album:

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