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world shut your mouth

Julian Cope emerged from his sunshine playroom with the introspective elegant chaos of this sinewy psychedelic pop.  With the implosion of the Teardrop Explodes after two albums ('Kilimanjaro' and 'Wilder') and a scraped third ('Everybody Wants to Shag...'), Cope went to to the village of Drayton Bassett near his childhood home of Tamworth to immerse himself in hallucinogenics and his collection of toy cars.  Cope reveals:     "I left Liverpool because I was really kind of, uh, too weirded out. Too close. Yeah, just blew my mind ... My toys are all utterly meaningless to me nowadays. They signify a time when my head was buried in the sand/up my own ass...For all its negative effects, LSD opened my eyes to things which I could not have contemplated without that drug. I never advocated LSD for everyone; that's just stupid. However, I did advocate its use for myself. I still conclude that I was right."  

In October of 1982, Cope ran into his childhood friend Steve Lovell, who was busking in London's Bond Street tube station.  After taking a year off, Mercury pressured Cope to make an album. He and Lovell began working on his first solo album during November of 1983, recording nine songs in nine days and then finishing up after Christmas.  The sessions for 'World Shut Your Mouth' featured Julian Cope on vocals, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, organ, and drum machine;  Steve Lovell on lead guitar and sitar;  and Gary Dwyer on drums;   with Kate St. John on oboe;  Ronnie François on bass on "Sunshine Playroom" & "Pussyface";  Stephen Creese on drums on "Sunshine Playroom"; and Andrew Edge on drums on "Lunatic and Fire Pistol".  Two songs from the aborted Teardrop Explodes album were rerecorded for 'World Shut Your Mouth'.  

The album only made it to number forty on the UK album chart.  During a show at Hammersmith Palais for the promotional tour, Cope shocked the audience when he broke a microphone stand and cut himself with the jagged edge.  The incident went a long way towards reinforcing the public perception of him as an acid casualty.  'World Shut Your Mouth' would also become the title of a hit single for Cope two years later as well as the name of a hidden camera show on BBC starring Dom Joly in 2005.

"The Greatness and Perfection of Love" went to number fifty-two in the UK.

       "An Elegant Chaos"

      "Sunshine Playroom"  had a video directed by David Bailey that was so disturbing it was banned.

 'World Shut Your Mouth'
full album:  

1. "Bandy's First Jump"   2:50
2. "Metranil Vavin"   3:00
3. "Strasbourg"   2:25
4. "An Elegant Chaos"   4:03
5. "Quizmaster"   2:56
6. "Kolly Kibber's Birthday"   5:14
7. "Sunshine Playroom"   2:55
8. "Head Hang Low"   5:04
9. "Pussyface"   4:11
10. "The Greatness and Perfection of Love"   3:16
11. "Lunatic and Fire-Pistol"   4:30

 reissue bonus tracks
12. "Wreck My Car"   2:31

13. "High Class Butcher"   3:56

14. "Eat the Poor"   4:25

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