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rated r

Queens of the Stone Age broke through with better living through chemistry with this melodic, robotic, psychotic feel good metal for mature audiences.   Following up their eponymous debut in 1998, there were some lineup changes as they began their next album.  'Rated R' was produced by The Fififf Teeners (Chris Goss and Joshua Homme) from December 1999 through February 2000 in Studio B at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California.   The sessions featured  Josh Homme on vocals, guitar, percussion, drums, piano, backing vocals, production, mixing, and concept;    Nick Oliveri on bass, percussion, guitar, vocals,, backing vocals, concept, and art conception;    Dave Catching on electric piano, piano, B3, guitar, 12-string guitar, and lap steel;    Nick Lucero on drums and percussion;    Gene Trautmann on drums;    Chris Goss on bass, percussion, backing vocals, production, grand piano, and noise piano;    Mark Lanegan on vocals and backing vocals;    Barrett Martin on percussion, steel drum, and vibes;   Mike Johnson, Peter Stahl, Rob Halford, Nick Eldorado, and Wendy Rae Fowler (Wendy Ray Moan) on backing vocals;   Scott Mayo on horns and baritone sax;   Fernando Pullum on horns and flugal horn;   and  Reggie Young on horns.  The project employed  Bradley Cook on engineering;   Martin Schmelzle on engineering, sequencing, and assembly;  Trina Shoemaker on engineer and mixing;  Dan Druff as guitar technician;  Marek on noise and mixing;  Robert Brunner as pre-production assistant;  and  Francesca Restrepo on art direction.  

Homme says:     "It’s still heavy-rock music-a little more melodic, robotic, and psychotic. We’re trying to set it up so we can play a new style of music that we like so the spectrum is a little wider. That’s the main focus-we’re still heavy rock, but also whatever else that’s good...Someone the other day said they heard the humor in it, and for some reason we thought that was going to get missed. There’s a lot of humor in the records-not silly shit, but us having a good time. There’re a couple of jams in stoner rock that are funny to us...Theoretically, how could something be really heavy all the time? Where’s the reference point to prove that it’s heavy? This is something we started realizing toward the end of Kyuss. You can only be heavy if there’s something soft to gauge it against. It doesn’t have to be (singing), “I love you, I gave my love a chicken.” It comes back to us playing what we’d like to play. We don’t want to be painted in a corner...I think that’s why the record is diverse-we listen to everything from The Cramps, to Johnny Cash, to Discharge, GBH, Black Flag, Bjîrk … I mean, it’s as scattered as the record is. Some of the only stuff I don’t really like is new-school punk rock and the bulk of the hair metal."

 'Rated R'  was released as 'Rated X' on vinyl.  The album charted at one hundred and forty three in France, one hundred and six in the US, eighty nine in Ireland, seventy two in Germany, sixty three in Australia, fifty four in the UK, and thirty five in Norway.

"The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"

"Monsters in the Parasol"

"Feel Good Hit of the Summer"

 'Rated R' 
full album:

All tracks written by Joshua Homme and Nick Oliveri, except where noted. Lead vocals by Homme, except where noted.

1. "Feel Good Hit of the Summer"       2:43
2. "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"       3:36
3. "Leg of Lamb"       2:48
4. "Auto Pilot"     Nick Oliveri 4:01
5. "Better Living Through Chemistry"       5:49
6. "Monsters in the Parasol"   Homme, Mario Lalli   3:27
7. "Quick and to the Pointless"     Nick Oliveri 1:42
8. "In the Fade" (Includes a reprise of the first track "Feel Good Hit of the Summer") Homme, Mark Lanegan Mark Lanegan 4:25
9. "Tension Head"     Nick Oliveri 2:52
10. "Lightning Song"   Dave Catching (Instrumental) 2:07
11. "I Think I Lost My Headache"       8:40
Total length:

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