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the sensual world

Kate Bush found a deeper understanding in the lush emotional odyssey of this woman's work.  The singer songwriter had become a sensation as a teenager with her very first album 'The Kick Inside' and had continued to grow with each new album.  The commercial disappointment of her experimental self-produced 'The Dreaming' had given way to her greatest success with 'The Hounds of Love'.  Bush spent three years working on the follow-up 'The Sensual World'

Bush would reveal:    "I think it's to do with me coming to terms with myself on different levels. In some ways, like on Hounds of Love, it was important for me to get across the sense of power in the songs that I'd associated with male energy and music. But I didn't feel that this time and I was very much wanting to express myself as a woman in my music rather than as a woman wanting to sound as powerful as a man...I think it's a very important time from 28 to 32-ish, where there's some kind of turning point. Someone said in your teens you get the physical puberty and between 28 and 32 mental puberty. Let's fact it, you've got to start growing up when you're 30, it does make you feel differently, I feel very positive having gone through the last couple of years...On this album there's more of me in there in a more honest way than before and yet, although some of it is me, the songs aren't about me. It's this kind of vague mish-mash of other people and yourself, bits of films, things you've heard, all put together in a mood that says a lot about me at this time...A lot of people will think these songs are about me. I've always had that and like, with 'Deeper Understanding', people react immediately saying, 'Is this autobiographical? So you're into computers now? So you spend all night on computers?' People immediately switch on to the mechanicalness. It's a song about computes so she must be into computers!...I found the writing very difficult on this.  I don't know what I wanted to say or how to treat the songs, make them sound differently, to get outside musicians in to do something or just go away and think. A lot of it is jig-sawing. I'd get to the point where I couldn't write, where I was sick of the songs. And yet you thought they were okay to begin with. The problem is holding onto that energy level...Love is a wonderful powerful thing.  In many ways nearly every song I've ever written is a love song. It's very important to try and learn to love people as much as you can. But we all get so scared. It's only when people are at points in their lives when they get such shocks that they take it as it really should be. The rest of us just seem to piss about...The communication of music is very much like making love."

'The Sensual World' features Kate Bush on piano, keyboards, vocals, and background vocals;   Paddy Bush on mandolin, background vocals, valiha, whip, and tupan;  Clare Connors on violin;  Stuart Elliott and Charlie Morgan on drums;  John Giblin and Mick Karn on bass guitar;  David Gilmour and Alan Murphy on guitar;  Michael Kamen on arrangements and orchestration;   Nigel Kennedy on violin and viola;  Dónal Lunny on bouzouki;  Michael Nyman on string arrangements;  Del Palmer on bass guitar, percussion, rhythm guitar, engineer, Fairlight CMI, and mixing;  Justin Pearson and Jonathan Williams on cello;  Dimiter Penev and Bill Whelan on arrangements;  John Sheahan on fiddle;  Davy Spillane on pipe, whistle (human), whistle (instrument), and uilleann pipes;  Alan Stivell on background vocals and Celtic harp;  Eberhard Weber on solid-body electric double bass;   and the Trio Bulgarka (Stoyanka Boneva, Eva Georgieva, and Yanka Rupkina) on vocals.     Bush produced the sessions with engineers Haydn Bendall, Andrew Boland, Paul Gomazel, and Kevin Killen (who also did the mixing); cutting engineer Ian Cooper;  and assistant engineers John Grimes and Tom Leader.  

'The Sensual World' reached forty-three in the US, thirty-eight in France, thirty in Australia, twenty-seven in New Zealand, eighteen in Japan, seventeen in Canada and Sweden, sixteen in the Netherlands, ten in Germany, seven in Norway, and number two in the UK. 

"The Sensual World" made it to number twelve in the UK and six in Ireland.  Bush says:   "Definitely 'The Sensual World', the track, was very much a female track for me. I felt it was a really new expression, feeling good about being a woman musically...It's about contact with humans, it could all come down to the sensual level. Touch? Yes, even if it's not physical touch, reaching out and touching people by moving them. I think it's a very striking part of this planet, the fact there is so much for us to enjoy. The whole of nature is really designed for everything to have a good time doing what they should be doing...Fancy being a bee, leading an incredible existence, all these flowers designed just for you, flying into the runway, incredible colours, some trip...Because I couldn't get permission to use a piece of Joyce it gradually turned into the songs about Molly Bloom the character stepping out of the book, into the real world and the impressions of sensuality. Rather than being in this two dimensional world, she's free, let loose to touch things, feel the ground under her feet, the sunsets, just how incredibly sensual a world it is...I originally heard the piece read by Siobhan McKenna years ago and I thought 'My God! This is extraordinary, what a piece of writing!' it's a very unusual train of thought, very attractive. First I got the "mmh yes" and that made me think of Molly Bloom's speech, and we had this piece of music in the studio already so it came together really quickly. Then, because I couldn't get permission to use Joyce, it took another year changing it to what it is now. Typical innit!"


"Love And Anger" reached twenty-five in the UK and twenty in Ireland.

"This Woman's Work" went to number thirty-eight in the UK.

'The Sensual World' 
full album:

All songs written and composed by Kate Bush. 

Side one
00:00 "The Sensual World"   3:57
03:56 "Love and Anger"   4:42
08:34 "The Fog"   5:04
13:41 "Reaching Out"   3:11
16:54 "Heads We're Dancing"   5:17
Side two
22:11 "Deeper Understanding"   4:46
26:55 "Between a Man and a Woman"   3:29
30:24 "Never Be Mine"   3:43
34:06 "Rocket's Tail"   4:06
38:13 "This Woman's Work"   3:32
bonus track
41:47 "Walk Straight Down the Middle" 3:48

b sides

 "Be Kind To My Mistakes"


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