Monday, October 6, 2014

destination... out!

Jackie McLean found a balance between melodic accessibility and esoteric experimentation with this free jazz exploration.  McLean had moved from bebop to hard bop and started playing within a more open idiom on 'Let Freedom Ring'  and 'One Step Beyond'.   The trio of McLean, Moncur, and Hutcherson stayed on from 'One Step Beyond' for the session on September 20, 1963 that produced 'Destination... Out!'.  They are joined by a new rhythm section of Roy Haynes and Larry Ridley.  

Produced by Alfred Lion at Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 'Destination... Out!' features Jackie McLean on alto saxophone,   Grachan Moncur III on trombone,   Bobby Hutcherson on vibes,   Larry Ridley on bass,   and Roy Haynes on drums.    Three of the songs were composed by Moncur and one by McLean.  

McLean would later reflect on how the free jazz movement was reflected in the turbulent times:  "Well, you know...musicians play because of the womrld around them and what goes on, so when my band made a transition was when, in the 60. And don't forget, there was a lot of violence in the 60. John F. Kennedy was blown away in 1963, Malcolm X, Medgar Evars, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, all of this assassination went on.  The cities were burning. The civil rights movement was going on; people were screaming, the Vietnamese war. And so the music went that way. John Coltrane, you know, some of Trane's solos sound like a child being whipped in a city, you know? Some of the music that was played by Al..., Albert Eyler, and other, other musicians from that whole period has another whole kind of a connotation to it. And of course, Ornett's music, Cecil Taylor's music, Sun-Ra's music and many other people. Grachan Moncur, you know, there's just so much that went on during the 60 that, that caused the music to really break out into this whole hysterical and whole violent kind of sound that came out of, out of the music at that time...And, and environment, you know, and what we live in, you know? And right now, if you listen to the music now, you're hearing this whole period of violence getting ready to erupt, and I don't know where it's going to show.  You hear it in, in the heavy metal music, you know, when you listen to this what they call heavy metal music, you hear a violent kind of people diving off the stage, you know. I mean, our music is still, the music that I play, we're still moving along in this particular direction following the, the, the concepts of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong and all these great men who have set this direction for us. You know, we already have our, our road kind of mapped out. It will, it will change. Young musicians will bring other ideas, rhythms will change and concepts will change, but this music is always ever developing and ever moving on, you know."

'Destination... Out!'
full album:

"Love and Hate" (Grachan Moncur III) - 8:25

"Esoteric" (Moncur) - 9:02

"Kahlil the Prophet" (Jackie McLean) - 10:23

"Riff Raff" (Moncur) - 7:07

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