Sunday, September 21, 2014

interstellar space

John Coltrane went to the outer limits with this intense and energetic free jazz exploration.    Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio on February 22, 1967 just months before his death, 'Interstellar Space' is a series of duets with drummer Rashied Ali.  The lack of any melodic framework frees the duo to new levels of experimental improvisation.  Coltrane unleashes a firestorm of notes that are abrasive and overwhelming as Ali provides a percussive response that drives everything even further along toward a transcendent interplanetary ascension.  'Interstellar Space'  was not released until 1974; but it stands as a testament to the uncompromising creativity of 'Trane.

'Interstellar Space'
full album:

01 Mars 10:43
02 Leo  10:56
03 Venus 8:36
04 Jupiter variation  6:43
05 Jupiter 5:25
06 Saturn  11:43

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