Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The Residents spent years crafting a profound conceptual critique of the coldness of commercialism in the xenophobic obscurity of these cryptic ceremonial soundscapes.  The group had deconstructed music and celebrated weirdness starting with their debut 'Meet The Residents' and continuing through 'The Third Reich 'n' Roll', 'Fingerprince''Not Available', and 'Duck Stab/Buster & Glen'.     Work on 'Eskimo' began after the completion of  'The Third Reich 'n' Roll' and took place over three years as the band wrestled with their management over the especially strange project.  The concept was inspired by the return of their collaborator N. Senada from an expedition to the arctic with field recordings and a bottle of arctic air.  The group went about creating a their own vision of life among the Inuit peoples.  

The resultant album features The Residents on vocals, instruments, and effects;   with Snakefinger on guitar;  Chris Cutler on drums;  and Don Preston on synthesizers.    'Eskimo'  is comprised of six vignettes that the band would have you believe depict different aspects of the culture, customs, and folklore of the Eskimo people.  The pieces are largely instrumental with grunts of gibberish and sound effects to create a documentary style reflection of the storylines.  By the time you reach the big finish of  "The Festival of Death", you can hear familiar modern refrains bubble to the surface, like Devo or a Coca Cola ad.  The album art features the debut of their iconic eyeball masks.  

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

part six

full album:

1. The Walrus Hunt - 0:00
2. Birth - 4:02
3. Arctic Hysteria - 9:00
4. The Angry Angakok - 14:31
5. A Spirit Steals a Child - 20:08
6. The Festival of Death - 29:03


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