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cheap trick at budokan

Cheap Trick made it big in Japan and reached the pinnacle of their career with the potent power pop performances of this import live album.  The band had seen increased exposure with each of their first three albums ('Cheap Trick''In Color', and 'Heaven Tonight'); but their biggest sales were in Japan.  With such a devoted audience there, they decided to record two shows at the Nippon Budokan indoor arena in Tokyo during April of 1978 with twelve thousand screaming fans.  Tomoo Suzuki was the recording engineer for the shows with Robin Zander on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Rick Nielsen on lead guitar and backing vocals; Tom Petersson on bass and backing vocals; and Bun E. Carlos on drums.  

Nielson reveals:   "It was never supposed to be released in the US. For Epic/Sony, this was their first release. It was supposed to be for the Japanese fans only, but we hadn’t made any special recordings. It was just being taped while we were performing. It wasn’t really planned to be an album. We just played the shows. We recorded in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokya. And a number of months later, we were asked to mix it. It was Bun E, Jack Douglas and I who went to New York — and there was more material but we were just putting out a singles album. It was one of those ‘don’t worry, it’s supposed to be just in Japan; don’t worry, no one will ever see these pictures’ sort of deals. It was an okay big-hit in Japan. There were 30 or 40, 000 people who had seen us over there, who wanted the album. But then it started to get airplay in Boston and they started playing the live version of “I Want You To Want Me” and it started to be a hit — but it was just on this live Japanese album. It eventually became the largest-selling live album import ever, and the record label finally thought, ‘why don’t we release it domestically?’  I don’t remember what the price was, but people were paying four times the price. Something like $40 a copy. People couldn’t import them fast enough."

'Cheap Trick at Budokan' hit twenty-nine in the UK, twenty-six in Sweden, ten in New Zealand, four in the US, two in the Netherlands, and number one in Canada.  It has been certified triple platinum in the US.  

In February of 1994, 'Budokan II" was released with the remaining songs from the shows plus songs from the 1979 tour.  Neilson says:  "I wish the record company and the management and, well, I guess us — I wish we had pushed the record company to put out the other half [of 'Cheap Trick At Budokan'] sooner. They waited 20 years or something. It would have put a different spin on Cheap Trick. It had more of a pop feel and had some heavier duty songs. It would have shown some different sides of Cheap Trick. Side A and B and C and D, specifically."


'I Want You to Want Me' broke the band in the US, going to number seven on the singles chart.  

Cheap trick - i want you to want me by la_shivi

'Cheap Trick at Budokan'
full album:

0:33 Hello There
2:28 Come On, Come On
5:51 Lookout
8:47 Big Eyes
12:43 Need Your Love (Nielsen, Tom Petersson)
21:45 Ain't That a Shame (Antoine Domino, Dave Bartholomew)
26:58 I Want You to Want Me
30:46 Surrender
35:08 Goodnight Now
38:19 Clock Strikes Ten

'Budokan II' 
part 2

"ELO Kiddies" (Nielsen) - 5:41
"High Roller" (Nielsen, Petersson, Robin Zander) - 5:58
"Southern Girls" (Nielsen, Petersson) - 5:35
"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" (Terry Reid) - 4:34
"California Man" (Roy Wood) - 5:45
"Downed" (Nielsen) - 6:51
"Stiff Competition" (Nielsen) - 4:02 (from 1979 tour)
"How Are You?" (Nielsen, Petersson) - 4:14 (from 1979 tour)
"On Top of the World" (Nielsen) - 4:02 (from 1979 tour)
"Can't Hold On" (Nielsen) - 5:55
"Oh Caroline" (Nielsen) - 2:59
"Auf Wiedersehen" (Nielsen, Petersson) - 3:41



"ELO Kiddies"

"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace"

"Look Out"

"Can't Hold On"

"Oh Caroline"


"Auf Wiedersehen"

"Southern Girls"

"California Man"


"Ain't That a Shame"

"Clock Strikes Ten"

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