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buddy holly

Buddy Holly had two different record contracts at the same time when he recorded his eponymous solo debut.  He had signed with Decca Records in February of 1956; but, after a couple of unsuccessful singles, the label chose to not renew his contract and stipulated that he could not record his songs for any other label for five years.  He formed The Crickets with  Holly on lead guitar and vocals, Niki Sullivan on guitar, Joe B. Mauldin on bass, and Jerry Allison on drums and his manager Norman Petty got them signed to a Decca subsidiary Brunswick.  At the same time, Holly was signed to another Decca imprint Coral Records.  After his song 'That'll Be the Day' became a number one smash, Decca decided they had a good thing going and recorded two debut album at Norman Petty Recording Studios in Clovis, New Mexico.   'The "Chirping" Crickets' was released at the end of 1957 and 'Buddy Holly' in early 1958.  The first album was produced by Petty and featured the Crickets with Larry Welborn providing some bass and contrabass; The Picks (Bill Pickering, John Pickering and Bob Lapham) and Ramona and Gary Tollett  adding some backing vocals.

'Buddy Holly' was produced by Norman Petty and Bob Thiele and  features Buddy Holly on guitar and vocals; Joe B. Mauldin on bass; and Jerry Allison on drums;   with Norman Petty on organ and piano; Vi Petty on piano and celeste; C. W. Kendall Jr. on piano; Niki Sullivan on rhythm; Al Caiola and Donald Arnone on guitar; and William Marihe, Robert Bollinger, Robert Harter, Merrill Ostrus, and Abby Hoffer on backing vocals.

"I'm Gonna Love You Too" (Joe B. Mauldin, Niki Sullivan, Norman Petty) – 2:14

"Peggy Sue" (Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Petty)

"Listen to Me" (Holly, Petty) – 2:22

"Valley of Tears" (Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew) – 2:09

"Ready Teddy" (Robert Blackwell, John Marascalco) – 1:32

"Everyday" (Holly, Petty) – 2:09

"Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues" (Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Stanley Clayton) – 2:12

"Words of Love" (Holly) – 1:56

"(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) – 1:37

"Little Baby" (Holly, Petty, C. W. Kendall Jr.) – 1:57

'Buddy Holly' 
full album:

Side 1
1. "I'm Gonna Love You Too" Joe B. Mauldin, Niki Sullivan, Norman Petty 2:14
2. "Peggy Sue" Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty 2:30
3. "Look at Me" Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty 2:07
4. "Listen to Me" Buddy Holly, Norman Petty 2:22
5. "Valley of Tears" Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew 2:09
6. "Ready Teddy" Robert Blackwell, John Marascalco 1:32
Side 2
1. "Everyday" Buddy Holly, Norman Petty 2:09
2. "Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues" Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz, Stanley Clayton 2:12
3. "Words of Love" Buddy Holly 1:56
4. "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)" Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller 1:37
5. "Rave On!" Sonny West, Bill Tilghman, Norman Petty 1:50
6. "Little Baby" Buddy Holly, Norman Petty, C.W. Kendall Jr. 1:57

'The "Chirping" Crickets'
full album:

"Oh, Boy!" (Sonny West, Bill Tilghman, Norman Petty) – 2:07
"Not Fade Away" (Buddy Holly, Petty) – 2:21
"You've Got Love" (Roy Orbison, Johnny Wilson, Petty) – 2:05
"Maybe Baby" (Holly, Petty) – 2:01
"It's Too Late" (Chuck Willis) – 2:22
"Tell Me How" (Holly, Jerry Allison, Petty) – 1:58
"That'll Be the Day" (Holly, Allison, Petty) – 2:14 (May 27, 1957 Brunswick version)
"I'm Looking for Someone to Love" (Holly, Petty) – 1:56
"An Empty Cup (And a Broken Date)" (Orbison, Petty) – 2:11
"Send Me Some Lovin'" (John Marascalco, Leo Price) – 2:33
"Last Night" (Joe B. Mauldin, Petty) – 1:53
"Rock Me My Baby" (Shorty Long, Susan Heather) – 1:47

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