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Urge Overkill remote controlled their destiny with the radio-friendly retro riffage of their major label debut.  The band had successfully built a following touring with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, leading to a move from Touch & Go to Geffen Records.  'Saturation' was produced by Andy Kravitz and the Butcher Bros. (Phil and Joe Nicolo) with Nash Kato on vocals and guitar; Eddie "King" Roeser on vocals, guitar, and bass; and Blackie Onassis (John Rowan) on drums.  

Roeser says:     “Saturation was sort of consciously and almost kind of tongue and cheek was a commercial sound, it was kind of slick and sunny ... Our natural impulses are more traditionalist pop, a two-guitar kind of thing. We came of age during an art rock era, but the voice we're into is more classic rock songwriting. We're not trying to break any rules; it's our take on what a great classic rock sound is supposed to be...I wish I was more experimental sometimes, but that's what I like. It's a weird sorcery coming up with it." 

'Saturation' ushered in a wave of success for Chicago based music.  As the album hit the streets, they were given even more of a boost when  Quentin Tarantino put their cover of Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" in 'Pulp Fiction'.

"Sister Havana" went to number six on the modern rock chart and to ten on the mainstream rock chart.  

"Tequila Sundae" 

"Positive Bleeding" 

"Woman 2 Woman" 

"Bottle of Fur" 


"Erica Kane" 

full album:!/us/flow/store/release/47593-Saturation/9882017-Heaven-90210-Operation-Kissinger-Album-Version-

"Sister Havana" -- 3:53
"Tequila Sundae" -- 4:20
"Positive Bleeding" -- 3:44
"Back on Me" -- 3:12
"Woman 2 Woman" -- 2:40
"Bottle of Fur" -- 4:13
"Crackbabies" -- 4:03
"The Stalker" -- 2:52
"Dropout" -- 4:55
"Erica Kane" -- 3:07
"Nite and Grey" -- 4:22
"Heaven 90210"
"Operation Kissinger" (hidden track) -- 28:38

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