Thursday, August 21, 2014

mirror moves

 The Psychedelic Furs found the whole of a heart in these heavenly highwire reflections.  Drummer Vince Ely left the band after the recording of 'Forever Now' to be replaced by Phill Calvert for the subsequent tour.  He would leave before they began work on the followup.   'Mirror Moves' was recorded at Westlake Audio in Los Angeles, California;  and Electric Lady Studios and Record Plant Studios in New York with Producer Keith Forsey.  The album features Richard Butler on vocals;  John Ashton on guitar;  Tim Butler on bass guitar;  and Keith Forsey on drum machine, drums, and percussion;  with Tommy Price playing drums on tracks 2 & 3;  and Mars Williams on saxophone.  

Richard Butler considered 'Mirror Moves'  "a romantic album, ... "We never made records to become massively commercial or anything like that. [For] a lot of bands, being in a pop band and being famous is the reason that they 're doing it, whereas I don't think for us it is. But you know, I don't think we're alone in that—I wouldn't be that big-headed about it. There are a few bands that I have a lot of respect for, like Talking Heads, Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, and David Bowie. ... I want it to be understood but then again I want it to make people think. To do both, you end up in quite a complicated position. The thing about music in England is that a lot of people are considered poets who are working in the rock field, like Morrissey of the Smiths, and Echo and the Bunnymen. To me, not that I'm putting them down, it always sounds like they're making poetry sort of noisy; they string words and images together to look like poetry, but in fact don't have the essence of poetry, and it's a dangerous sort of thing. They claim to be influenced by Rimbaud and Mallarmé and Beaudelaire, and I think they're just hooking up the words and making it look like poetry. It's like somebody getting a brush and some paint and painting a lot of boxes and calling it cubism, without actually looking at what cubism was supposed to do, that it was supposed to be one object in three dimensions, portrayed in a series of planes, not somebody who can draw lots of straight lines, and make them look like boxes, and calling it cubism. ... [I] made the lyrics simpler on purpose, clearer. Thinking back, for me some of the best lyrics are on Talk, Talk, Talk. I couldn't write lyrics as good as Talk Talk Talk again, just because I don't have the inclination to write in that confident style. On that album, you can get a visceral understanding of the song without knowing what it's about. But on these new ones, I feel it's quite easy to get a narrative idea of what the songs are about."

'Mirror Moves' went to ninety-seven in Australia, forty-three in the US, twenty-six in Sweden, sixteen in Canada, fifteen in the UK, and number five in New Zealand.

The Ghost In You

Heaven was a hit in New Zealand and the UK; but for some reason was not released in the US as a single.  


Here Come Cowboys
Ricard:   "[President Reagan is] obviously the most famous [cowboy] but it's also an attack on TV heroes...I think it's fair enough, but I also think its ineffectual. I respect them for it but you take a band like The Clash, who go around espousing political views. But people who buy Clash records, probably almost 100% of the time, espouse such views anyway, and people who don't hold those views wouldn't buy a Clash record. My attitude is that I like music that helps me understand myself, because when I understand myself I can understand the world outside a bit better. I think that when people come shouting slogans, it really doesn't help you understand [anything] other than there's some war going on in some corner of the world. It doesn't help you come to terms with yourself and how you can relate to other people. Communication is kind of minimal. It comes out of a speaker at you and it stops at your head, and that's about as far as it goes."

'Mirror Moves'
full album:

A1 - (0:20) - The Ghost In You   (R. Butler, T. Butler)
A2 - (4:30) - Here Come Cowboys   (R. Butler, T. Butler)
A3 - (8:22) - Heaven   (R. Butler, T. Butler)
A4 - (11:44) - Heartbeat  (Ashton, R. Butler)
B1 - (17:35) - My Time  (Ashton, R. Butler)
B2 - (21:54) - Like A Stranger   (R. Butler, T. Butler)
B3 - (25:50) - Alice's House  (Psychedelic Furs)
B4 - (29:39) - Only A Game  (Ashton, R. Butler)
B5 - (33:48) - Highwire Days  (Ashton, R. Butler)

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