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Prince unleashed the glam of them all with the gratuitous gospel grooves of this playful paisley paean to positivity.  After aborting his previous effort 'The Black Album' he went right back into the studio with a more positive outlook:   "I was very angry a lot of the time back then, and that was reflected in that album. I suddenly realized that we can die at any moment, and we'd be judged by the last thing we left behind. I didn't want that angry, bitter thing to be the last thing. I learned from that album, but I don't want to go back ...  I feel good most of the time, and I like to express that by writing from joy.  I still do write from anger sometimes...but I don't like to. It's not a place to live."  

'Lovesexy' was produced, arranged, and engineered by Prince, who also performed all vocals and instruments, except where noted (credited for "whatever"):    Sheila E. on drums on  'Eye No' and 'Alphabet St.', drums (uncertain involvement) on 'Glam Slam' and 'I Wish U Heaven', drums and background vocals on 'Dance On' and 'Positivity'; Miko Weaver on guitar on  'Eye No'; Levi Seacer, Jr. on bass guitar on 'Eye No'; Dr. Fink on keyboards on  'Eye No'; Boni Boyer on keyboards on  'Eye No', vocals on 'Anna Stesia' and 'Positivity'; Eric Leeds on saxophone and spoken voice ('party' segue) on  'Eye No', saxophone on 'Alphabet St.' and 'Positivity'; Atlanta Bliss on trumpet and spoken voice ('party' segue) on  'Eye No', trumpet on 'Alphabet St.' and 'Positivity'; Wally Safford and Greg Brooks as spoken voices ('party' segue) on  'Eye No'; Ingrid Chavez on spoken intro on  'Eye No' (credited for "spirit child"); Cat Glover on vocals on 'Alphabet St.' and 'Anna Stesia'; and an unidentified woman on vocals on 'Lovesexy'.  

Jean Baptiste Mondino did the controversial cover photo; which led to some stores refusing to stock the album.  In some places this replacement for 'The Black Album'  was actually wrapped in black.  The compact disk of the album was released with the entire program as a one track suite with all of the songs running into one another. 'Lovesexy' went to number eleven on the US Billboard 200 album chart, five on the US R&B album chart, and number one in the UK.   Prince calls the album  "a mind trip, like a psychedelic movie. Either you went with it and had a mind-blowing experience or you didn't. All that album cover was, was a picture. If you looked at that picture and some ill come out of your mouth, then that's what you are -- it's looking right back at you in the mirror."

"Alphabet St." 

"Glam Slam"  

"Anna Stesia" 

Prince - Anna Stesia (Live) from Pam on Vimeo.

"I Wish U Heaven"  




Lovesexy [Digital Single] from PRINCE on Myspace.

All songs written and composed by Prince. 

Side 1
1. "Eye No"   5:47
2. "Alphabet St."   5:38
3. "Glam Slam"   5:04
4. "Anna Stesia"   4:56
Side 2
5. "Dance On"   3:44
6. "Lovesexy"   5:48
7. "When 2 R in Love"   4:01
8. "I Wish U Heaven"   2:43
9. "Positivity"   7:15


full concert: 

1. Intro 2. Erotic City 3. Housequake 4. Slow Love 5. Adore 6. Delirious 7.Jack U Off   8.Sister 9. I wanna Be Your Lover 10. Head/A Love Bizarre 11.When U Were Mine 12. Blues In C ( If I Had A Harem ) 13. Little Red Corvette 14. Controversy 15. Dirty Mind 16.Superfunkycalifragisexy 17. Bob George 18. Anna Stesia 19. Eye No 20. Lovesexy 21. Glam Slam 22. The Cross 23. I Wish U Heaven 24. Kiss 25. Drum Solo by Sheila E. 26. When 2 R In Love 27. Starfish And Coffee 28. Raspberry Beret 29. Condition Of The Heart 30. Strange Relationship 31. Let's Go Crazy 32. When Doves Cry 33.Purple rain 34. 1999 35. Alphabet St

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