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This Icelandic siren reduced her roar to a gentle whisper for the gorgeousness of this lush and lovely nocturnal prayer that wraps you in a hushed cocoon of sensuality that is deeply affecting. In the wake of her success with Lars von Trier's 'Dancer in the Dark' and after a whirlwind of controversy and exposure with paparazzi and stalkers, Björk Gudmundsdóttir smoothed the intense emotional waters in the studio with an array of experimental soundsmiths like Matmos, Thomas Knak, Guy Sigsworth, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Martin Console, Marius de Vries, and Zeena Parkins. She drew lyrical inspiration from E. E. Cummings, Harmony Korine and Sarah Kane'. 'Vespertine' utilizes sampled objects to create beats and soundscapes like shuffling cards, cracking ice, and rice crispies snap-crackle-popping. Layers of electronic noises and orchestral whirlwinds create a textural effect that stirs the emotions like a secret code carved like a recurring dream that unfolds in a generous way. 

Björk says, “I was collecting together all the noises that I know that are like hibernating and that sound like the inside of your head. I guess 'Vespertine' for me was going really, really, really internal and trying to make music with huffs and whispering and music boxes.” It sold two million copies before the end of the year and reached number one in France, Norway, Spain, and on the US Electronic Albums charts.

'Hidden Place' was written by Björk, Guy Sigsworth and Mark Bell.
"He's the beautifullest
Still strong
Dark and divine
And the littleness of his movements
Hides himself
He invents a charm that makes him invisible
Hides in the air
Can I hide there too?
Hide in the air of him
Seek solace

'Cocoon' was co-written with producer Thomas Knak.
"He slides inside
Half awake, half asleep
We faint back
Into sleephood
When I wake up
The second time
In his arms
He's still inside me"

'It's Not Up To You'
"I can decide
What I give
But it's not up to me
What I get given
Unthinkable surprises
About to happen"

'Undo' was also written with Knak.
"I'm praying
To be
In a generous mode
The kindness kind
The kindness kind
To share

'Pagan Poetry' peaked at number thirty eight in the UK and number twelve in Canada. It was written and produced by Björk with additional production by Marius De Vries.
"Pedaling through
The dark currents
I find
An accurate copy
A blueprint
Of the pleasure
In me"

the glacier head
looking hard for moments of shine
from twilight
to twilight"

'Heirloom' was co-composed with Console.
"I have a recurrent dream
Everytime I loose my voice
I swallow little glowing lights
My mother and son baked for me"


full album:

01. 00:00 «Hidden Place» 
02. 05:29 «Cocoon»
03. 09:57 «It's Not Up to You»
04. 15:06 «Undo» 
05. 20:45 «Pagan Poetry»
06. 26:00 «Frosti»
07. 27:42 «Aurora»
08. 32:20 «An Echo, a Stain»
09. 36:25 «Sun in My Mouth»
10. 39:05 «Heirloom»
11. 44:17 «Harm of Will»
12. 48:54 «Unison» 
13. 55:42 «Generous Palmstroke» 

1. "Hidden Place"   Björk 5:28
2. "Cocoon"   Björk Thomas Knak 4:28
3. "It's Not Up to You"   Björk 5:08
4. "Undo"   Björk Knak 5:38
5. "Pagan Poetry"   Björk 5:14
6. "Frosti"   Björk 1:41
7. "Aurora"   Björk 4:39
8. "An Echo, a Stain"    Björk Guy Sigsworth 4:04
9. "Sun in My Mouth"    Björk E.E. Cummings Sigsworth 2:40
10. "Heirloom"    Björk Console  5:12
11. "Harm of Will"    Björk Sigsworth Harmony Korine 4:36
12. "Unison"   Björk 6:45

00:14 Generous palmstroke
04:42 Domestica
08:10 Amphibian
12:46 Foot soldier
15:23 Batabid
17:52 Verandi
22:25 Mother heroic
25:13 Sun in my mouth (Recomposed by Ensemble)
28:27 Aurora (Opiate version)
32:35 Cocoon (Retangled by Ensemble)
37:41 Pagan poetry (Matthew Herbert Handshake mix) 
44:02 Hidden place (Acapella)

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